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Dear Keep Fit Enthusiast

Everybody knows the importance of keeping our weight under control and our bodies fit, both on the inside as well as the outside. But the reality is that not everyone can afford either the time or expense of going to the gym. And let's face it, when you have a couple of spare pounds in weight or perhaps are just not in as good a shape as you might wish to be; the thought of walking into a gym full of lycra clad Adonis' can be daunting at best!


Even if you are relatively fit and have used the gym regularly, do you find that you tend to use the same pieces of equipment, regularly focussing on certain muscle groups rather than an all over regime that will keep all of your major muscle groups exercised?

Although casual jogging, swimming and walking are all excellent forms of basic exercise, none of these are going to trim your body and create muscle tone without spending huge amounts of time focussing on all three. And let's face it too, depending on where you live the weather or restricted pool opening times can be somewhat inconvenient.

Although many people attend the occasional fitness class, without committing to this several times a week it will take some time to see any difference, if at all; other than you will have fewer hours to spare and less money than you used to!

The difficulty is that if you do not work on all of your major muscle groups evenly, then certain parts of your body can end up looking flabby whilst others don't and this is far from ideal.

Why Not Just Go To The Gym Then?

Well, one solution is to get a personal fitness trainer at your local gym. However there are several problems with this:

  • Expensive Membership Fees
  • High Monthly Fees
  • Minimum Contract Term
  • Fitting Around The Instructor's Diary
  • The Time And Expense That It Takes To Get To The Gym
  • The Time And Inconvenience Of Changing At The Gym!
  • The Time Used Hanging Around Waiting For Your Instructor
  • The Same Old Workout Routines
  • The Time Restrictions On Your Session: You May Not Be Ready To Stop!
  • The Embarrassment Of Having To Parade In Front Of Other Gym Users

Ideally, what most people want is to have their own personal trainer at home who they can call upon when they want to and who will have designed a proven all over training program that will work all of the major muscle groups. What's more, most people would want a trainer who had designed a system of routines that could be used to progress from a beginners workout right through to something more challenging for when their bodies have adapted to the more basic course.

OK, so let's have one of those instead. Well that is all very well, however most people do not have the room or money for a fully fitted gym in their own home or the 25+ per hour for their own personal in-house fitness trainer!

So What Is The Answer Then?

Ideally, you need a personal trainer who is 'on tap' for whenever you have a 40 minute to one hour slot in your day, be it first thing in the morning or later in the evening and who can be right with you in your own home.

Additionally you will be looking for a routine that will allow you to progress from a beginners workout (which makes allowances for, how shall we say, a little room for improvement on the physique front) right through to an Ultimate Home Workout where you will be trim, healthy and toned.

Finally there is the need to avoid having to spend a small fortune on your personal training, having to convert your house into a gym and fill it with very expensive equipment!

Well that is quite a tall order however here is the solution.


Peter Carvell is a leading fitness instructor specialising in workout routines for all levels of fitness. He designs special programs for weight loss, muscle tone and stamina.

Here we can present Peter Carvell's amazing Ultimate Home Workout set of videos which you can follow when you are ready to and at a pace that suits you. Each one of these amazing videos demonstrate how you can work your way from a beginner to an advanced home workout fitness student concentrating on all of the main muscle groups.

What's more, you will not need lots of expensive equipment either. Peter demonstrates his incredibly effective program using no more than a rug or carpet to work on, a solid wall to lean against and some very basic equipment such as medicine ball, exercise ball, rubber bands, chair and a few dumbbells! Amazing!


This set of three incredible videos, each lasting over an hour, take you through a combination of routines which can be swapped around to suite your progress from the first beginners video right through to the third advanced video.

Peter breaks his program down into segments aimed to target and progress your fitness regime. Each video focuses on different muscle groups in turn including the chest, legs, back, shoulders, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, calves and abdominals to give an overall even level of fitness and muscle tone definition.

This whole-body toning programme is newly released in the UK.

Video 1: Ultimate Home Workout for Beginners

Peter welcomes you to the first of his hour long Ultimate Home Workout videos and explains that you do not need to have expensive equipment or a huge gym to lose weight and develop a toned, ripped body.

His beginners program sets targets for different muscle groups which can be adapted depending on your starting point of fitness.

Once Peter has explained how to use the various pieces of equipment, he runs you through a series of flexible workouts that will have you noticing a difference in days!

Video 2: Ultimate Home Workout; Intermediate

During this hour long video workout Peter ups the anti to a more intense and high level workout carefully explaining and demonstrating the additional exercises that you can use to take your body from the beginners stage to the intermediate level of fitness and honing.

Video 3: Ultimate Home Workout; Advanced

The last video in this incredible series really pushes your boundaries. Still using the same basic equipment from the very first video Peter moves the program up another notch with many more varied and rigorous home techniques to help you to acquire the toned body that you are seeking.

Get Your Own Virtual Personal Fitness Trainer... For Less Than The Price Of One Month's Gym Membership

You know as well as I do that many people who want to take care of their health can end up spend a fortune joining a gym with little in the way of results. In some places gym membership can be nearly 100 per month or more! ...and that's often after paying out a joining fee too! And another thing, those monthly fees don't include the attention of a qualified personal trainer.


And once all that money has been spent on gym membership a high proportion of people rarely use it as frequently as they had planned - even though they signed up for a 12 month membership (have you ever done that?). And, of course, that's another problem... you try cancelling a gym membership that you are not using - easier said than done!

Amazing Value - Act Now...

So, why waste a fortune joining and paying for a gym membership that you probably won't use? In fact, I'm going to offer you this complete set of 3 videos, showing you the Ultimate Home Workout to tone your whole body, for a lot less than just one month's gym fees would cost you.

What's more... you will have the added advantage of working with your own personal trainer; a trainer who guides you through each workout and for as long or short a session as you want at any time that suits you.

Grab your Ultimate Home Workout programme today for the incredible price of just...


Imagine it...

Instead of hiding your body away beneath baggy clothes, soon you will be able to proudly show off your newly toned physique.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Although I know that you will appreciate the value of Peter's Ultimate Home Workout series of videos and be able to enjoy the positive effect to your body in a very short space of time, I'm giving you a full 30 days to review and try these exercises for yourself.

If you don't feel these videos have shown you the incredibly effective exercises you can use immediately to improve your physique, even in those 'problem areas', then simply return the videos in resalable condition within 30 days and ask for a full and courteous refund.

By now you're probably excited at the prospect of finally having a solution to your training program problem and at last being able to focus on achieving weight control and a toned body through a formulated home workout program.

If so, then you are very nearly there. The next step is to simply order this incredible three video set by clicking on the following:


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P.S. Focusing on specific muscle groups during a controlled exercise program means that you too can have the trimmed, toned body shape you want... all in the comfort of your own home, whilst saving a fortune in gym membership fees.

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